Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Demonstrates Force Feeding Procedures at Gitmo [VIDEO]

A Still From Mos Def Force Feeding Video

As the holy time of Ramadan begins, there are detainies still continuing their protest of Guantanamo Bay through a hunger strike. Out of the 100 people participating in the hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay, more than 40 are being forced to eat. A federal document complete with detailed instructions and procedures for force-feeding detainees has leaked and caused a stir. In collaboration with the Human Rights organization Reprieve, rapper/actor Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def volunteered to undergo the force-feeding procedures of Guantanamo Bay.

Bey is dressed in an orange prison uniform, has his shoes removed and is shackled. At the 1:43 mark a tube is force into his nose and he begins to cough and gag. His eyes begin to water and he gasps for breath as they restrain him further. A little more than a minute later he pleads with them to stop and breaks down into tears. The standard procedure goes on for almost two hours.

“The first part of it is not that bad but then I got this burning,” he says afterward wiping away tears.  “And it get’s to be really unbearable, like something is going into my brain and it reached the back of my throat. I really couldn’t take it.”

Please be warned that the images in this video are very hard to deal with. Please prepare yourself.


Uh-Oh! Voice Of Elmo Said To Have Had Crystal Meth Sex Parties With Underaged Boys

Kevin Clash Accused Of Having Crystal Meth Sex Parties

Things just keep on getting worse for Kevin Clash, the voice of “Sesame Street” character Elmo. After being accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with teenaged boys, Clash is being accused of smoking crystal meth during these sex romps.

Clash’s main accuser is Sheldon Stephens. Stephens claims he was 16 years old when he met Kevin Clash at an actors networking event. Sheldon Stephens says he and Kevin Clash began a sexual relationship shortly after meeting at the event. According to Sheldon Stephens, he was routinely picked up by a chauffeur and brought to Clash’s New York apartment for sex and drug use. Clash allegedly smoked crystal meth right before the pair had sex and gave him pills to pop in order to heighten the sexual experience. Sheldon Stephens adds insult to injury by saying the chauffeur knew about Clash’s repulsive actions. The chauffeur used to masturbate while Clash had sex with Stephens.

The Urban Daily first reported the voice actor was accused of sex abuse late last year. There was a settlement proposed between Sheldon Stephens and Kevin Clash. Clash was to pay an unspecified amount of money in exchange for Stephens’ silence. However, Sheldon Stephens rejected the settlement because the settlement agreement would have forced him to make a statement that he made everything up. Kevin Clash stepped down from his position at “Sesame Street” shortly after the allegations hit headlines.

Kevin Clash has yet to comment about the latest twist in the ongoing sex abuse scandal.

T-Pain Is Not Buying North West A Baby Gift Because: “Kanye Has No Couth”


Oh Wow! This is crazy and while we are not  too surprised to hear this is the case. we are surprised to hear that T-Pain is saying it publicly! In a recent interview with  Us Weekly, T-Pain revealed why he will not be purchasing any baby gifts for baby North West!

Says T-Pain,

“Kanye is much richer than me so I’m not even going to try [getting him and Kim Kardashian a gift]. Kanye has no couth when it comes to things like that, so when you bring him something, he’d be like, ‘What the f— is this?’ You don’t want to be that person because he’ll make a big scene about that. You don’t want that.”

If only we were shocked by what T-Pain said…but we aren’t! Everyone has someone in their lives that it is hard to buy gifts for but that is just ridiculous! Who wants to be cussed out for spending their own hard earned money on a friend?! We agree with you T-Pain!

Why Kanye And Kim Named Their Daughter “North” [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

north-west- baby-name-meaning

Want to know the the real reason Kanye West and Kim Kardashian‘s named their baby girl “North West”?

People were shocked when it was revealed because of it’s rarity. But leave it up to Kim’s mom Kris Jenner who explained the meaning of her granddaughter’s name in an recent interview.


16-Year-Old Producer Featured on Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail”


She wasn’t featured in Jay-Z‘s several “Magna Carta Holy Grail” commercials, but you may know of 16 year old Ebony “Wondagurl” Oshunrinde for her reggae inspired beat on “Crown” from Jay-Z’s twelfth studio album.
Wondagurl began building a mainstream buzz around her name and production after recently working with G.O.O.D Music recording artist and producer, Travis Scott‘s “Owl Pharaoh” mixtape. A few months later, she was messaged by Scott who told her her life was about to change and that it did. Wondagurl’s beat was selected by music mogul, Jay-Z.
To hear Wondagurl’s production on “Crown,” check out the album stream here. Here’s a clip of Wondagurl explaining her “Magna Carta Holy Grail” collaboration.

Lil Wayne Released from Hospital; Birdman Says: “It Had Nothing to Do with Drugs”

Lil Wayne bullsFinally, there is some good news in this Lil Wayne hospitalization situation. Weezy has been released from the hospital after suffering another seizure a few days ago, which landed the rap superstar in the intensive care unit.

It was reported Wayne was rushed to the hospital when he had a couple of seizures right after the other, although in an interview with Hot 97′s Angie Martinez, Birdman said Weezy had one seizure, not several. Our Sources reported on Friday that Weezy was near death and was being given his last rites. However, many members of the Young Money-Cash Money stable tweeted that the story was false and Wayne was in the hospital in stable condition, not near death.

Wayne was released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center late last night. He is said to be feeling weak but he’s doing way better than before. Reports have said Wayne is going to keep out of the spotlight until he fully recovers from his health ailments which many have speculated were brought on by his use of sizzurp. This would be shocking if true since Lil Wayne publicly stated in the past that he had quit using syrup.

What It Be World is glad Lil Wayne is doing better and out of the hospital.

Waka Flocka’s Mother Deb Antney Sues French Montana

Deb Antney, the mother and manager of Waka Flocka, has sued French Montana, claiming the rapper cut a number of deals behind her back.

In a formal lawsuit, Antney charges that she was charged with managing Montana exclusively yet a report by TMZ alleges Montana brokered several concerts without her knowledge or permission, effectively keeping her 20% fee to himself.

Antney owns and operates Mizay Entertainment, which started managing Montana in the fall of 2010.

Antney seeks $50,000 from French Montana for the alleged violations. Other details of damages have not been disclosed.

Montana was reportedly served while he went into an Atlanta concert location on Tuesday. He’s not responded to was served with the lawsuit while entering an Atlanta concert venue on Tuesday.

At press time, French Montana has not commented on the lawsuit.

Gucci Mane Drops Waka Flocka Flame from Brick Squad as Rappers Trade Shots on Twitter

EXCLUSIVE: Waka Flocka Speaks On His Fallout With Gucci (thumbnail)

Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame have had issues in the past but they’ve always managed to work through them. That may not be the case this time.

We’re not sure what led to the beef, but Gucci tweeted earlier that he had officially dropped Waka from Brick Squad 1017. Waka responded with an explicit tweet that he later deleted. Waka also deleted a tweet where he pledged allegiance to his own label, BSM (Brick Squad Monopoly).

Lil Wayne “Recovering” in Hospital from Seizure, Drake Sets Up Vigil


Lil Wayne suffered a seizure and “is recovering” in an L.A. hospital, his record label’s publicist told CNN.

CNN also reported that Drake showed up at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where Weezy is allegedly being treated, with an entourage of Wayne’s friends. They reportedly sat down in chairs in the hallway near his room and set up a vigil.

“I’m good everybody,” read a message from Lil Wayne’s Twitter account. “Thnx for the prayers and love.”

While acknowledging a medical issue, members Weezy’s camp refuted reports that he was near death.

The rapper’s independent publicist, Kia Selby, told CNN, “Lil Wayne is doing well.” She strongly denied reports that Wayne was in a medically induced coma, as reported by our sources.