Nelson Mandela’s death honored by the world


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Nelson Mandela‘s fight for human rights in South Africa and overall spirit left a lasting impression on the world. The “Father of the Nation” has received many accolades in his life, but none surpass the impact of Mandela’s work. His fight against racism, poverty and inequality in South Africa, earned him the very prestigious title, but not before leading him to his notorious arrest and 27-year imprisonment in 1962. Mandela fought a myriad of terrorist accusations, and has gone on to receive over 250 awards in past four decades including the Nobel Peace Prize, being made an honorary Companion of the Order of Canada, and receiving his own ”Mandela Day” this past year on July 18.

Nelson Mandela, who lived until the age of 95, has earned such a regal reputation, but the South African visionary was a multi-faceted man who showed many different personality traits to the varied people he has touched in his lifetime.

Passing December 5, 2013, Nelson Mandela leaves behind his third wife, Graça Machel of 15 years, 3 daughters Makaziwe, Zindzi, and Zenani Mandela, and a host of grand children, great-grandchildren, and close family and friends. Celebrities from all walks of life have expressed their condolences for the family’s loss as well as their own.

Coincidentally Mandela’s daughters, Zindzi Mandela and Zenani Mandela found out about their father’s death at the England premiere of Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. The movie was the top grossing debut in South Africa this past weekend surpassing Hunger Games – Catching Fire, World War Z, The Wolverine and Hangover 3.

Our prayers, hearts, and condolences go out to the Mandela family; biological and international.

Leona Lewis upset with Rihanna and Miley Cyrus’ influence – is she right?

Leona Lewis

Written by @ReneetheG

R&B powerhouse Leona Lewis is speaking out against vulgar pop stars Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, and its not about the music.

According to various sources, Lewis explains, “I have a lot of respect for them, but because I have nieces and I’ve seen my six-year-old goddaughter doing dance moves that she shouldn’t, it does not impress me and I tell her to stop.”

While most skeptics believe the two portray a raunchy bad-girl image for the cameras, but even Lewis insists that it’s more than a publicity stunt.

“I’ve met them both and that is them – they’re not putting on an act and no one is telling them what to do.”

Rih rih and Miley might chuck the finger up to the haters as they dip out of the country in their private jets, but in reality, there are young girls and women who look to these young women as trendsetters. While most adults dismiss their behavior as entertainment, it does have a lasting effect on our impressionable youth.

“Being sexual and in your face is not great for girls who are quite young. It depends what environment you’re brought up in, but personally I’ve got a god-daughter and little nieces and I don’t want them to see me acting crazy and naked in my music videos.

You have to applaud Lewis for speaking out, but also take a moment to think. How many popular artists are telling girls that they don’t have to be sexy or naked or twerk on Instagram just to be successful or loved? How many people are speaking out from a place of genuine concern, not just for laughs? How many parents are actually sitting their children down to explain why it’s unacceptable?

How do you feel about Leona Lewis’ comment and the impression that today’s pop and hip hop stars have on the youth?

METRO FM – Music Awards

13th METRO FM Music Awards

13th METRO FM Music Awards

South Africa March 1st We Turnin Up till the Knob Breaks!!!

It’s the METRO FM Music Awards, and we are… celebrating 13 years of recognizing the real in South African music and talent.

Some say that this is the country’s second biggest music awards, but to us it’s #1!

Some of the categories are as follows:

  • Best Hip Hop Album
  • Best produced album
  • Best R&B Album
  • Best Dance Album
  • Best  Urban  Gospel Album
  • Best Music Video
  • Hit single of the year
  • Best Collaboration of the year
  • *** and the METRO FM Special  Award – no entry required

The 13th METRO FM Music Awards is the most anticipated So Don’t Be There, Beat Me There! Ajeeeeeeeeeaaaah!

More of Maino On Trinidad James: “I Wish He’d Manned Up” [VIDEO]



In an interview with VLADTV, rapper Maino gives more insight into his confrontation with Atlanta rapper Trinidad James after the “All Gold Everything” rapper claimed that NY didn’t represent its own artists during a Converse event in Brooklyn, and added that the South runs New York music, which set the “Let it Fly” rapper off. Maino then explains what led to their phone conversation that was leaked online, and he reveals if he was the one who released the phone call online.

“I was tweeting from a very comedic place,” he says of the Tweet about ‘brushing James’ teeth’ and ‘being his Huckleberry’. But feels Trinidad has not been forthright in his responses. “He went on Instagram and said ‘Maino wanna shoot me.’ Shooting? That’s a bit much. That’s for the police though. The hip-hop boys are on Twitter. That’s for them so when he do come they ain’t gonna let me on the block. That’s [his] tactic. ‘I’mma scream loud enough so y’all can hear me.’”

Maino reiterated that he was not simply being a bully and that he was looking for respect for his city, not for himself. When asked if he leaked the phone conversation between the two of them he didn’t deny it directly, but sought to clarify his position.

“I don’t think that guy is a bad guy and I think he’s smart,” he continues. “But I think he went to a place that he shouldn’t have and I wish he’d manned up a little bit more and apologized to my city. That doesn’t happen anywhere else. Am I bugging? Men don’t do that, artists don’t do that, giving 20 minute lectures about a city then asking ‘What you wanna do?…”

“We know we got our issues. We got issues in our city. Who the f*ck is you to get on a New York City stage and tell us what our issue are and then ask us what we wanna do about it?”

Watch the full video below:

Young Jeezy Has Left Def Jam, & Signs with Roc Nation

JEEZY and the ROC

JEEZY and the ROC

It’s official that boy Jizzle has left Def Jam and signed with Jay-Z and Roc Nation! Jeezy recently went on a rant about his issues with Def Jam and threatening to leak his next project via Twitter.

The details of the deal are unclear so stay tuned for more information. November 27th The Snowman will be dropping #ItsThaWorld Vol. 2.

[WTF] Allegations of Birdman Sponsoring A Teen For Sex!


Baby Peewee Pic


There’s a new industry jump-off to these so called Industry Elite dudes in Entertainment. Our Sources say Birdman, is Pee Wee’s new Sponsor. Pee Wee is an Atlanta teen who was 18 years old when he made his television debut on T.I.’s “Road To Redemption”.

“Peewee gets way more shoes from these celeb dudes than the girls do. He’s proud of it too!”


On T.I.’s MTV special, he revealed his troubled childhood, growing up with a crackhead mother who hustled the streets – before T.I. started to mentor him.

“Road to Redemption was all scripted. Pee Wee and T.I. were already longtime buddies before they did the show … but he did get shot though.”

It has been reported that Pee Wee is  doing what he’s allegedly saw his mother doing … selllin’ his azz for cash, Fancy gifts, & other perks .

“Birdman takes care of Pee Wee, buying him gifts and keepin’ him in the glam life … all in exchange for sex.”


“Pee Wee is a lost soul and these grown ass men in the industry continue to mentally and sexually abuse him. Birdman is Pee Wee’s current sponsor.”

Gucci Mane Sues Waka Flocka Flame, Waka’s Mom, OJ Da Juiceman

Gucci sues Waka Flocka

The ongoing feud between Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame reached a new level today.

Gucci (real name Radric Davis) named Waka Flocka Flame (Juaquin Malphurs), Waka’s mother Debra Antney, producer and DJ Xavier “Zaytoven” Dotson, and rappers Khia Stone and Otis “OJ da Juiceman” Jones, Jr., in a federal lawsuit accusing them of fraud, racketeering, theft and breach of contract as it pertains to Gucci’s company, 1017 Records, LLC.

According to court documents, Gucci says he hired Deb Antney to be his manger back in 2006. Since then, Gucci alleges Antney and Waka have continued to steal money from him.

The currently incarcerated rapper also says Antney and Waka Flocka released music by Gucci Mane and collected royalties without Gucci ever giving them authorization for them to do so. Gucci Mane claims Deb Antney, the owner and CEO of her own Mizay Entertainment, made herself CFO of Gucci Mane’s company without his knowledge and took more than her contracted 20% manager’s fee.

Gucci is also asking the court to freeze all of Waka and Deb’s assets. On top of all of that, Gucci also is demanding Deb Antney return a ring and chain she allegedly stole from him.

WTF! Jay Electronica And Kate Rothschild: The Illuminati Couple “Explanation” [Video]

Kate Rothchild Jay Electronica

#1 Myth of the Omen Agency: The Omen Agency is the Illuminati. On another note let talk how it came to be that Jay Electronica of all people ended up with Kate Rothschild who is from a family that has literally run the world. says,

“Rothschild and Electronica know each other because, at some point in life, Rothschild decided that the most interesting way to spend her family’s fortune was to start an indie record label Roundtable Records, a name that resonates with New World Order conspiracy buffs.”

Alright so now that we understand how they crossed paths, now lets discuss the circumstances that occurred while they were getting together!

According to The Daily Mail,

“Ben, son of the late billionaire Sir James Goldsmith and Lady Annabel, and brother of MP Zac and journalist Jemima Khan, married Kate, daughter of the late Amschel Rothschild and Anita Patience Guinness, in 2003. Last May, however, the dream turned sour when Ben allegedly found illicit text messages on his wife’s phone, revealing she was having an affair with Jay.

Kate announced to the world that Jay, whose career she manages, ‘saved my life in many ways and I am eternally grateful to him’. Jay moved from his Belgravia home to an apartment in Kensington, so he could be even closer to Kate.”

We just don’t even know where to go with this story other than to say you must watch the video below that is supposed to be “breaking down” the relationship between rapper Jay Electronica and billionaire Kate Rothschild. Let’s just say it’s a very unique definition of the Illuminati and Jay Electronica’s new position within it! You can not make this stuff up! Watch the video below!

Jamie Foxx Discusses Playing A Black President

In a recent interview with Alfredas from “The Russ Parr Morning Show” Jamie Foxx who has met President Barack Obama, discussed his approach to playing a black president in his recent movie “White House Down“.
Says Foxx on President Obama,
“I wanted to make sure we didn’t do an impersonation of President Obama because I didn’t want people to think that. But I have met him. He’s just the coolest dude in the world and we wanted to bring a little bit of that cool to the movie.”

The Weeknd Tells The World About Dates for New Fall Tour

The Weeknd Performing

The Weeknd is putting the final touches on his full length debut album called “Kiss Land.” While fans wait with baited breath for that to drop, which its scheduled to do later this year, The Weekend announced his tour that’s set to begin this fall. The tour which will find the singer trekking all over North America will begin on September 6th in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and end in October at the end of October.

Check out the dates below and make sure you grab your tickets.

9/6 Vancouver, BC                               Orpheum Theatre

9/7 Vancouver, BC                               Orpheum Theatre

9/10 Seattle, WA                                  Paramount Theater

9/13 Berkeley, CA                                The Greek Theatre – Berkeley

9/14 Santa Barbara, CA                        Santa Barbara Bowl

9/16 Los Angeles, CA                          The Greek Theatre

9/17 Los Angeles, CA                          The Greek Theatre

9/20 Broomfield, CO                            1st Bank Center

9/22 Grand Prairie, TX                         Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie

9/23 Cedar Park, TX                            Cedar Park Center

9/24 Houston, TX                                Bayou Music Center

9/26 Tampa, FL                                   David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts

9/27 Orlando, FL                                 Hard Rock Live

9/28 Miami, FL                                     James L. Knight Center

9/30 Atlanta, GA                                   Fox Theatre

10/1 Charlotte, NC                               Ovens Auditorium

10/2 Durham, NC                                 Durham Performing Arts Center

10/4 Camden, NJ                                 Susquehanna Bank Center

10/5 Washington, D.C.                         DAR Constitution Hall

10/7 New York, NY                              Radio City Music Hall

10/8 New York, NY                              Radio City Music Hall

10/11 Boston, MA                                Orpheum Theatre

10/13 Chicago, IL                                Chicago Theatre

10/14 Chicago, IL                                Chicago Theatre

10/15 Detroit, MI                                  Fox Theatre

10/17 Toronto, ON                              Massey Hall

10/19 Toronto, ON                              Massey Hall

10/20 Toronto, ON                              Massey Hall